In case you ever run into HSS (high speed synch) issues on the Nissin Di700A. When directly mounted on camera (rather than firing wireless), the flash has to have a 90° orientation. If you bounce it off the ceiling, etc. it won't work.
In case you don't know how to enable HSS on the Nissin Di700A on either the flash itself or when using the wireless transmitter, press the test button for 3 sec and then the LED will blink twice every now and then to let you know you are in HSS mode.

I just changed the design for our free photography course on youtube. The old one was getting a bit outdated. I hope you like it just as much as I do.
PHOTO1x1 Free Photography Course

Talking about changes. Lots of them are coming up in the next few weeks. We will restart the course - better, more entertaining, and easier to understand. So if you want to get photography explained in a way you can really understand, stay tuned. We won't disappoint you!